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In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Nepal help is urgently needed, and we have decided to upload a special pre-release of the upcoming Phillax album "Goblins Ate My Piano" in order to help


Phillax is the eclectic solo project and mischievous alter-ego of Phil Austerberry, London-based producer, pianist and DJ.


Dj Styx is 37 year old Transylvania Saxon. He grew up in Sibiu / Transylvania or Hermannstadt / Siebenbuergen as the Saxons and Germans call it.

Track list

1. Pradox - Crisps
2. Radioactive.Cake - Monkey Tricks 
3. Skyhigh'n'ting - Lorraine's Evil Twin
4. In'R'Voice, Peace Data - Polarity War (Peace Data Remix)
5. Portal Protection - Two Sides One Story
6. Gojja - She Got The Furry Teeths
7. Luminexia - Minimal Ritual
8. The Grobians - Police In Helicopter
9. Tiger Punch - Mesquarade

Kraken photo

It was never quite the intention of architect and graphic designer, Jacqueline See - aka Kraken - to become a DJ.

Holotropic Therapy

Robert aka Zooch is one of the rare dj's that has such a diverse taste of beats. Holotropic Therapy is one of the results.


Swampy is another proof of diverse psy trance music taste of Zooch. This time compilation is influenced by history and beautiful landscapes of Lithuania which is a motherland of Robert aka Zooch.

Swampy 2014

Arkona Creation and friends present another upcoming unforgettable gathering in Lithuania.

Gojja - Structures In Nature

After years of his unique psychedelic trance sound development, Daniel aka MakadaM introduced us his side project Gojja.