About us

Breathtakingly scenic stretches of sweet-smelling forests, a variety of constantly changing landscapes, magic power of the nature, unforgettable expression of that beauty by people: melodies of the souls flowing in the form of songs carrying away afar, iridescent shine of paints of the artists poured on cloths, fantastic structures-were so grasping!.. We have simply been fascinated by force of the nature, beauty of culture and spiritual energy. The idea of working with the people inspired by magic of a life and show of their indescribable creations, which carry out in itself the goal of evoking the forgotten feeling of love & respect to all the beauty & spark, as also to prove that good deeds bring us the world, to people that they could expand the horizons and turn life into a thrilled adventure was carried out.. This thought has arisen in the summer 2007 in indescribably beautiful mountains of Slovakia, and to be embodied in a life has continued in England, the country where we have met and get vital experience-our the second house! The Arkona Creation Music & Arts label came true!
Perhaps you have already come across label's musical and art productions. If not, we would love to welcome you to have a look at who we are and what we do.
Arkona Creation is based in United Kingdom and is constantly searching for personal depth and authenticity. There are a growing number of deco artists, key live acts, graphic designers and several DJs from different corners of the world on the label. The music should unflatteringly mirror their deepest selves. It has the soul, attitude and depth. Consequently Arkona Creation is not restricted to styles like “Psychedelic” , “Funkydelic”, “Psygressive” , "Psybreaks" and “Psystep”. It is more a mixture of quality psychedelic, minimal, funky, electronic and experimental oriented tunes. The art of the label artists directly connects to the right side of the brain and the subconscious, forcing the viewer to leave logic behind.