In the wake of the devastating earthquake in Nepal help is urgently needed, and we have decided to upload a special pre-release of the upcoming Phillax album "Goblins Ate My Piano" in order to help

Track list

1. Pradox - Crisps
2. Radioactive.Cake - Monkey Tricks 
3. Skyhigh'n'ting - Lorraine's Evil Twin
4. In'R'Voice, Peace Data - Polarity War (Peace Data Remix)
5. Portal Protection - Two Sides One Story
6. Gojja - She Got The Furry Teeths
7. Luminexia - Minimal Ritual
8. The Grobians - Police In Helicopter
9. Tiger Punch - Mesquarade

Holotropic Therapy

Robert aka Zooch is one of the rare dj's that has such a diverse taste of beats. Holotropic Therapy is one of the results.


Swampy is another proof of diverse psy trance music taste of Zooch. This time compilation is influenced by history and beautiful landscapes of Lithuania which is a motherland of Robert aka Zooch.

Gojja - Structures In Nature

After years of his unique psychedelic trance sound development, Daniel aka MakadaM introduced us his side project Gojja.


Arkona Creation team is carrying on discovering new talents. This time we want to present Berk aka Cosmosonic.

Bassid 'Home'

After years of producing and releasing different Bassid tracks through different labels in the form of EP's and Compilations, here it is, the Bassid "Home" album.


Presenting the most upbeat offerings available in the psy trance genre, Bloomy Rust undoubtedly has  that special something!

Anix Gleo - Fatum

This album was created in three years. Each of the tracks was born first on paper in the form of logical-art scenario, and after with the sound it gained flesh.

Project Sketch’s ‘Paradise Valley’ digital EP release is a unique style of uplifting melodic elements mixed with smart proggy grooves.

Various Artists - Javanese Peacock compiled by Zooch

Ancient alchemists used the symbol of the peacock in specific ways reflecting it’s esoteric content.

Radioactive Cake - The New Kind

Well-known for his unique intelligent psygressive trance music style, incredible musical sound quality with a touch of wilderness, dark fx and a carrot from outer space… this Berlin based producer


Born in London in 1999, as an idea to oppose with some bizarre humour the all-too-serious psychedelic trance scene, Den Kozlov aka Peace Data has composed and released a plethora of albums and comp

Album Cover of Various Artists - PERKUNEYA compiled by ZOOCH

It's not a secret for anyone that our Mother Planet is full of gifted talents!

Healing With Sound - Brujo's Bowl

Arkona Creation proudly presents, Brujo's Bowl's debut EP, 'Healing with sound'.

The Grobians - Tripwire

Back from Daniel’s travel to England and the magically successful London Arkona Creation party, Grobians return with an unsurpassed EP full of inspiration from this mystic Celtic land of misty Aval

Pradox vs Bassid - Exfoliator

It is a fateful occurrence meeting a soulmate on life’s trip whose points of view, taste, and interests are so homogeneous to your own that words are unnecessary in process of creating and composin