Minimal Progressive


Presenting the most upbeat offerings available in the psy trance genre, Bloomy Rust undoubtedly has  that special something!

Various Artists - Javanese Peacock compiled by Zooch

Ancient alchemists used the symbol of the peacock in specific ways reflecting it’s esoteric content.

Radioactive Cake - The New Kind

Well-known for his unique intelligent psygressive trance music style, incredible musical sound quality with a touch of wilderness, dark fx and a carrot from outer space… this Berlin based producer

Album Cover of Various Artists - PERKUNEYA compiled by ZOOCH

It's not a secret for anyone that our Mother Planet is full of gifted talents!

Pradox vs Bassid - Exfoliator

It is a fateful occurrence meeting a soulmate on life’s trip whose points of view, taste, and interests are so homogeneous to your own that words are unnecessary in process of creating and composin